Export file names from a folder

Lets say you want to export names of all the files and folders within a folder. Doing it one at a time will be pretty time consuming. This little trick will come handy in such situations. Open up cmd prompt and navigate to the folder from which you want to export file names.

Let me introduce you to “>>” operator. What this will guy will do is transfer the output of the DOS command you are executing to the file specified. This is very handy if you are executing SSIS packages through a batch command. Put “>>” at the end of every command, specify the file name and all the output messages will be transferrred to the file. In the following cases, the file is called ‘files.txt’ and will be created where ever your command promt location is. You can always specify a different location.

1. To get just the names of files and folders 

 dir /B  >> files.txt

2. To get the full path of files and folders 

 dir /B /S >>files.txt

3.To get only specific files for e.g. csv

dir /B /S *.csv >>files.txt

dir /B /S *.csv  >>files.txt

dir /B /S *.txt >>files.txt

dir /B /S *.xls >>files.txt


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