Why I don’t buy the Big Data “Red Hat of Hadoop” Story

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It’s official. As of 19 August 2013, Big Data has officially past the “peak of inflated expectations” and is hurtling down the rollercoaster ride to the “trough of disillusionment”. Hold on tight boys and girls, this will be a white knuckle ride. This is the point when the rollercoaster reaches the top and you sense the change and then hear the screams as you hurtle down.

Its official because Gartner, who coined the hype cycle, declared it so. They maybe right or wrong, but it’s certainly official (and official does impact reality in Enterprise-Land).

Its not your first time on a rollercoaster, so you knew the top was coming, right? Plenty of smart folks have been predicting this. Robin Bloor for example was articulate, analytical and ahead of the curve on this in 2012.

The problem with the Big Data hype phase was that most of the energy was used…

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