AttributeHierarchyVisible in SSAS and a small observation


In Analysis Services 2008 to hide an attribute hierarchy, you set the AttributeHierarchyVisible property to False. The hierarchy will still be available but will be hidden from the user. We can set the flag to True if we want to show it again except there is a small catch which you need to be aware of. There are two places where we can set AttributeHierarchyVisible.

First place is our normal dimension properties window and the other is in the cube designer window. Open a cube in BIDS. If you haven’t changed the default view in cube design window, you should have Measures window on the right and Dimension window just below it.  Expand any of the dimensions in the Dimensions window, right click on an attribute and select properties. You will find another AttributeHierarchyVisible property which you can set.

It seems like the two act like an OR operation. Both need to be True for attribute to be visible. If either of them is False, the attribute will not be visible. In my case the property from cube designer window got changed to False (I don’t know how?) and then no matter what I did the attribute was not visible.

If you are confused like me as to why we need to change the same property twice, I am sorry I don’t have the answer. But at least we know the solution.